"Learning How to Learn" upcoming on Thursday + Session Recaps

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Happy Sunday!

We have one session upcoming this week: Thursday, Feb 25 at 6:30pm PST: “How To Learn Quickly” by yours truly 😇 Given how quickly the software world changes, it’s much more important to learn how to learn rather than becoming an expert in one thing. Let’s discuss our best tips for learning quickly, including asking questions and finding mentorship.

Our Slack community has grown considerably, so please introduce yourself in the #intros channel if you haven’t already! Here’s the link to join, or reply to this email so we can explicitly invite you. We also have a LinkedIn page which you should join! We’re noobs at LI so please let us know if you have tips to improve this. Finally, if you’re getting value from us, please share https://learn.rkpandey.com/ with your friends who may be interested :)

Here’s a recap of the previous sessions:

  • Productivity Tips as an Engineer by Alex and Rahul
    • Make sure you're optimizing things that actually matter ("meta-productivity").
    • Solve the hardest problem first: this will have ramifications on all surrounding problems, and allows you to fail fast if you don't solve it.
    • Reduce context switching: don't be afraid to reject meetings and block your calendar.
    • Think systematically all the time: very few problems exist in isolation, so solve the problem today in a way that provides value in the future.
  • How To Build A Successful Startup by Clarence Chio
    • You must talk to customers and understand what product to build. You cannot build your way to a solution in a startup.
    • You will likely be very bad at hiring and managing a team as a first time founder. Find a coach who can help you get better, and be prepared to learn on the job.
    • Finding a community of like-minded people is important for finding a cofounder and committing to a startup. Clarence was part of South Park Commons.

Talk soon,

Rahul and Alex

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