Wishing you a healthy and happy 2022!

publishedalmost 2 years ago
1 min read

Happy new year! Tech Career Growth was born in 2021, and it's been so much fun for Alex and me to run 22 sessions this year, grow to 10K people, and see many success stories in the community!

Our next event is on Saturday, January 22. RSVP on the LinkedIn event and invite your friends! We'll be talking about some fun stories from our tech careers, and we'll be sharing some life updates that you won't want to miss 😇 Like usual, we'll have 500 spots available on Zoom, and the YouTube livestream on my channel for spillover.

Alex and I have made a steady stream of content, here are the top picks from the past month or so (join Slack to get more frequent updates):

Hope you do something fun to ring in 2022!

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